Who We Are

Our Team Once upon a time, three aspiring game creators attended DigiPen Institute of Technology in Remond, Washington. Over the years, they came to realize that they had common interests, and were very good at working together.

Thus, was born Melty Games, a small, boot-strapped studio set on making fun, interesting interactive user experiences.

From left to right in the photo above, we have:
Tom Murray, who handles coding and design;
Lynda Miller who handles art and QA; and
Mike Ratto, who does art and design.

Together we make a team who builds great stuff.

What We Do

We make and design our own games, statements from the heart that we build from the ground up.

We make titles on work-for-hire. It is both challenging and rewarding to create an interactive experience for others.

We are interested in knowing what you think - contact us!